Thorfinn's Log, Part The First


Well, it was a very interesting day. After arriving on an unnamed beach via shipwreck (a method of transport that I cannot recommend) we immediately approached another shipwreck. This one was guarded by men in plate. Luther attempted to distract them while Squeak snuck inside. Brieza and I stayed behind with MacTir. Luther seemed to have some difficulty with the guards, as shortly after starting a conversation, he abruptly bolted for the town, leaving us very confused.

After several false starts and a near-miss with an inn, we found Luther (in much the opposite way, I should mention, that Squeak found anything of interest on that ship) in the company of Kester (Caster?), who turned out to be one of the very people that we had been sent to look for in the first place.

He was not very forthcoming with information, but very keen indeed to safeguard our weapons and change our money. Here in Seaside, metals are scarce, so weapons are given to hunters and something called kingstone is used in place of coin. With few other options, we disregarded our new acquaintance’s advice and headed for the forest.

It is, in fact, enchanted. Can’t tell what kind, but the whole thing radiates magic. We were attacked by 3 bull mastiffs. I would have called them adults, but when we returned with their skins and meat (for trading purposes…well, mostly for trading) Kester assured us that we had been lucky to run into pups. Baffled and bebothered we’re now trying to determine whether we should attempt to contact the hunters, or the Lord Thomas, or see whether 17 kingstone gets us a room at the island’s lone inn.

Thorfinn's Log, Part The First

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