Druid. With wolf.


You have to understand that I’m in a tight spot. Our choices seem to be all-out war with the homesteaders or knuckling under to encroaching civilization. I’m not happy with either. Yes, the power of nature is vast; I’m a druid, I understand that better than you do. But the power of nature is also largely ineffective against things such as, say, armies, without a guiding hand. So if we’re all dead or imprisoned, well, what’s the point. The King can probably wipe enough of us out to make the few who remain less of a problem and more of an annoyance for a long, long time.

So we need to fight fire with fire. Or, in this case, civilization with civilization. They want to claim that they have the right to cut down our trees because of a fancy piece of paper? Fine. We’ll get our own paper and then they can revolt if they want. We just need money.

No. We live in the forest. I can survive out here without prepared food for months if not years, and I’m only a beginner. I can live under a tree without hardship for as long as I need to. Why would we have money?

So that’s why I’m taking this job. I think slavery is morally abhorrent. I think the King is morally abhorrent, but as I understand it, we’re a rescue mission. And I suspect the “slaves” will have something to say about their status if and when we find them.

I said I was a Druid, didn’t I? Mastery over the elements, walking with beasts, that sort of thing. Speaking of which…

Yes, you’ll pay for him too. He’s a part of the deal. Of course I can control him. Well, I mean, not control as much as he listens to me.

Uh huh. MacTir!

Yeah, he growls at cheapskates. He hamstrings cheats, so right now, i think you’re ahead of the game.

Half again the going rate sounds good. We have a deal. Now, where’s the rest of the party? The sooner I get back, the fewer trees get cut down!



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