Brieza & Hiril the Hawk

Human Ranger


An adventurer and a loner, loves the elvish people and animals.


Brieza Fletcher was raised by her father, Dale, a castle armorer for the city of Cameran. Her mother, Rosalyn had died in childbirth. As loving and kind as her father was, being an armorer in a city left little time for childcare and Brieza spent much time on her own in the village and the forest outside the walls.

Brieza loved the quiet of the woods and befriended all walks of animals, favoring the misunderstood. One day while chasing a rabbit, she met an elvish boy named Corrin. They became fast friends and Corrin taught her to swim, climb, identify plants and how to talk with animals. She also met many of Corrin’s family and learned to speak some basic elvish.

On her sixteenth nameday, Brieza’s father gifted her with a beautifully ornate scale mail and longsword. He told her he wanted her to have something to keep her safe in the woods since he would not be there to protect her. It was clear to her that something was not quite right and by her seventeenth nameday her father had passed mysteriously.

It was then that Brieza became suspicious of the realm and vowed to live outside the city walls to the best of her ability. She set up a camp in the Cameran forest where she would hunt and gather for sale in the surrounding villages. Spending her time in the forest and in the company of solely animals and elves left Brieza a stranger to the courtesies of civilized life.

What’s New Since the Last Adventure:

Brieza has become even more suspicious of Cameran and it’s leadership since learning more about the slave trade and the dealings with demons. She has returned to her camp outside the walls, polishing her duel wielding longswords skills, honing her archery aim, and training her new hawk. She misses her companions, but mostly Thorfinn and his wolf companion, they seemed to understand her connection to the wild. Brieza is curious to learn more about Luther the dark elf, a quiet man most of the time but a smooth talker when it mattered most. That annoying halfling Squeak she could do without, though she is sure he is lurking in the trees as she practices waiting to loot her chests of the hard-earned treasure from the journey. He sure did have a way with locks though… she had to give him that.

Brieza & Hiril the Hawk

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