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Brieza's Log - DRAFT

these are just notes, don't read this

Area: Liddisdale
Leader: Lord Elliott
Cool and Rainy night, stop in a tavern after heading north from Cameran for Thorfinn
In a bar with Luther, Squeak and Talius, ordered beer and sit at large table. Enter Hal and Asher who order beer and sit at our table. Talius drums up conversation with them, Asher seems dandy and a bit of a hot head, Hal is quiet and mysterious, possibly Arcana? Luther sings his tale from our adventure from Cameran and the Island.
Squeak does some eavesdropping and learned that one of the Johnstones was hanged by the Kritens for stealing horses?
Large man (Willie Johnstone) and 7 of his men kick down door and climbs a table and does a speech about his murdered cousin and wants us to help kill the Kritens for the injustice.
Wee Big Angus’s Croft? No idea what he’s talking about, but we are going to go to Lord Elliott to talk to him about the clan war.
Traveling down path through forest, seems mostly maintained and not terribly spooky.
Get to Lord’s house, he’s short, but looks good in his armor, has a fumbling servant, and a few men who look… ok. Apparently there are others
He assigns us all some horses and gives me a good looking horse with some fire. Apparently Asher is terrified of Horses, I talk to the horse and get it to work with us, it thinks Asher is sick and is worried about him.
We arrives at Kriten houses and they are surprised to see Elliott who is gesticulating wildly and yelling/demanding to know where Mihal is? Johnstone and his men come charging in.
Mihal agrees to be jailed and judged by trail for hanging someone unlawfully.
Asher, Squeak and Hal go to the dungeon to talk to Mihal, it was uneventful.
Next day we travel to the tournament, spend way too much money on food and room.
Next morning we wake early and there appears to be a royal champion to fight King Henri… the she is masterful.
She comes in the tavern next morning without armor, she is tall (5.10) and has short blonde hair.
At the battle ground, Champion is there and Kremil enters – 6.5 ft tall & muscly
Champion defeats Kremil, and then kills ______ effectively becoming King.
In the wee hours of the morning there is loud banging sound, we investigate and find some forest giants who want to save their brother/cousin who was imprisoned for falling in love with the King’s sister.
We have 2 hours to free him from jail.
We get into the castle and there is chaos, after intimidating a small child, we head up the stairs to the new King.
The new King allows us to free Young Ian and we get his giant sword (took 3 people to carry it – me, Talius and Asher).
To be a Giant wedding between Young Ian and Deliah the former king’s sister. We have 2 hours to get Deliah, who is locked in a tower.
We find Jenkins and ask him to help us with Deliah. Apparently it would be a major political incident for Deliah to marry a Giant, but he brings us to the tower
Jenkins marries the two and the Giants kinda-sorta fix the wall.


Ok, I won’t.

Brieza's Log - DRAFT

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