Jon's Campaign

Blood Thrumming

These woods are strange. Our bear-changer and – what was the other’s name, our dark elf? Something long an unpronounceable. Like a good Icelander. They were snatched up, strange vines reaching from the dark. Nothing seems out of place, however – us remaining few were peculiarly unperturbed by this happening.

We’ve come to a maze, a labyrinth of some kind. The woods, drawing us in, inexorably inwards to an unknown center. I’ve been feeling stronger though. Finally, able to take off after days of mere hovering. I launch, take a look around. Eyes not good enough to see into the woods, see what awaits us in the walls. The river, crosses our proscribed path twice. Inwards, to a cave, a tree. Water from the river flows into it; not all, just some.

We forge forward. The children are getting stronger. Magic. Invisibility, the simple kind. Like mine, although I have not revealed that trick yet. We force our way onwards, inwards. The children, they fall. Their passion, their fanaticism, their deaths. Enthralling. My blood is thrumming. Passions rising. My flaming sphere proves its deadliness again and again. One battle has wounded me. One man – archer. Strong. I take him down in flame. But it hurts.

My creatures, my beings spring forth. We’ve made quick work though, they don’t always have blood to go after once they arrive. My poor eagles. A waste.

Do we forge onwards? Ever inwards? Into the maw of whatever awaits us? Or have we probed far enough for now? Do we retreat, rest? Enlist men of steel to blunt the arrows? We were to find out what is happening; not necessarily take care of it, wipe it out. Yet my blood thrums. The beating of the drums.

Brieza's Log - day 2
in which stuff happened.

This shady Jenkins guy asked us to meet him at the castle, but since we have nothing better to do we collectively shrugged and made our way there. In office see a man dressed for hiking and a large bear. I’m not sure about my companions, but I find this unnerving. I;m accustomed to finding the occasional bear in the forest, but never inside a building. Jenkins seems simultaneously nervous and casual about the situation so we cautiously move forward.

We are presented with a vague employment offer. There are communications telling of a rash of disappearances of travelers and merchant caravans on the way to the castle. There is no sign of the missing travelers. He wants us to investigate, but warns that the area is dangerous, claiming rumors of woods ghosts, monsters, “bug-a-boos”. This guy is a complete doofus. At least he provided us with a caravan. Talius and I went to buy some horses, I found a pretty female combat horse with which I am sure I will become fast friends. I have named her Feir.

A few of us used our knowledge of the woods to investigate the ground and noticed that there are parts that look too “neat”, wheel tracks would end suddenly and then start again. We could also see that a little ahead of us off to our left there appears to be an area with less trees and it looked like there may have been a polished path there that has worn away, which appeared to lead towards the temple.

Not one to bound blindly into things, I sent Hiril up to check on things, after 15 minutes or so she returns and reports that she saw no large animals or people but did see a “stone nest” and some patterned trees.

We decide to investigate the ornate building, which must be the temple. I faintly hear the sound of running water. Luther and Hal enter building first due to their ability to work in the dark and once things were announced to be clear the rest of us joined along. The temple appeared to be some sort of religious place but of what denomination I know not.

Sevaain (the guy with the bear) seemed more in tune with the sort of religious icons and noticed some misplaced holy symbols. Squeak messed around with it looking for traps or devices, and we heard some brief grinding below us, coming from under a pile of rubble. After spending an awful lot of time looking around we were unable to find any way of accessing an entrance to the rooms below.

Sevain talks to a rabbit and asks it if saw any other creatures like us, but that they move east.

We head east to what appears to be a very planned clearing.

Asher annoyingly yells into the clearing and after about 20 seconds we hear we howling sounds and 3 fairly dirty and ragged human appearing creatures coming at us and another 3 coming from around the tree wall. They do not appear friendly. As we get closer they appear to be … children? Dirty, ragged, frightening children. I am uneasy fighting them but am fearing for our groups’ safety.

At some point during the fight, Sevain turned into a fucking huge bear. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, but it sure was effective. He manages to take at least 3 down. The group fought magnificently and Asher managed to capture one as hostage.
We attempted to interrogate the captive, but he was aggressive and said little more than “our forest” and “more than you”, fairly illegible, especially combined with these tremors he has.

Asher then shoved some sort of potion down his throat and makes him fall in love with me (I will remember this)! This kid is disgusting, but we learn his name is Kevin, that his people live in a cave in the forest, that “Grandpa Soney” is the leader, and according to him “they will find us”. He makes gross sexual advances and I throw him up on the horse.
I asked Kevin if his friends have been attacking the caravan and he replied “not friends, family, we need to eat”

We reason that this kid and his family eating people and he has some palsy symptoms as a result. Gross.

We cross a river and are mildly ambushed on the other side after Kevin does some bird call thingie. we should have drowned him in the river. We defeat the crazy people eating family members and decide to call it a day.

Squeak Squawk: New City, New Friends
Saving the day... again

Gods damn it all, it seems like everywhere I go, somebody needs saving. Sometimes I think that the gods have cursed me with all my abilities, because it always lands on me to get people out of sticky situations. And this time, it was some new guy! But I get ahead of myself again.

When Thorfinn and his puppy left us, we entered a tavern for a well-deserved drink and meal. The folks in the tavern seemed none too friendly to outsiders, but that’s not overly surprising. Folks living outside of the city have a borderline paranoia of people from civilization, what with our refinements and appreciation for the good things in life that are sorely lacking.

There seemed to be two other outsiders in the tavern, so we joined them. One was a blustery pirate with a mouth that surely was overcompensating for something, and another quiet, stoic character. They traveled together, and the loud one did almost all the talking, and I was soon bored with his tales about a fish ‘this big.’ Probably uses the same line to describe something else to the ladies before the worst three-and-a-half minutes of their lives. But I digress.

Rather than listen to him, I decided to pick up some intel on this town, and what was going on. We leaders need to be in the know, and the gods know that no one else was bothering to try to find out. I learned a little about the politics of the town, who the local lord is, and some other useful tidbits. Also turns out that there is some fort of family feud in town between the Johnstones and Creightons, two bumpkin families that seem intent on killing each other off for some petty reason or another.

Once again, we decide to step in and save the day. Luther does his fancy talking bit, and we manage to maneuver the two families to come to a head when we are there with the local lord. As others ride horses there, I climb on trusty Midnight to make good time. And our new blustery pirate friend, Asher, sure does squeal like a newborn girl when he has to ride a horse. Not a good sign if there is combat ahead. No one wants to mess with this guy. Like me, he’s not the tallest around. But we both command authority, and I admired that in him. (Aside: as a good leader, it is important to notice the qualities of other good leaders when you come across them. Your party will constantly lean on your for guidance, and this proves helpful, especially with the ragtag party I’m leading).

In any case, the local lord arrests the head of the Creighton clan for hanging someone, and asks our help to escort the prisoner to the capital city. Seeing how we aren’t going to do much else in this hellhole of a town, we agree. We explore the lord’s castle a bit, but nothing too exciting.

We head to the capitol city. Usually for adventurers, we have… adventures. Our lives consist of using cunning and might to make it in this world, and trouble (usually in the form of bad guys, undead dogs, demons and whatnot) tends to find us. So I naturally had my weapons sharpened, and Midnight and I kept a close watch for something on the road to jump out at us.

But lo and behold, we had no such adventures. Just a safe trip to the city. When we got there, the lord gave us some gold for our service, and we entered the city. And then we got to the inn.

Now I’ve done my share of robbing. Most of it from those who would certainly be open to supporting my various noble causes. But even I was appalled at the price we had to pay for a night! Robbery is too kind a word! But such is life, and we paid it.
The prices were high because there was a tournament to decide the next king. The talk of the town. All anyone cared about. Around that tournament was a plethora of activities. Luther joined a singing competition and didn’t do half bad! That guy, although a little off, is pretty awesome.

At the tavern at night, this Asher fellow decided it would be a good idea to try to pickpocket someone. This Asher fellow is as nimble as a blind and drunk ogre. Not to brag (because I am FAR too humble for that), but I could have done better blindfolded with only one hand. Of course, I had to step in and prevent some young lady from taking back both her gold and Asher’s manhood, not that it could be worth that much if his skill in the bedroom is in any way proportional to his skill outside of it. After encouraging the nice lady with a few gold pieces, Asher was able to walk away in one piece. For my troubles, I helped myself to some of his gold – surely no one would be so rude as not to offer, so I just saved him that trouble. And of course, I went undetected because… well, because Asher is an amateur who has a lot to learn.

We hang out in the city until the King’s tournament. All kinds of excitement around the actual tournament! The king’s champion, a lady who likes the ladies makes a triumphant return (she was gone for three years for reasons no one knows), and manages to win the tournament for the King. But then she herself challenges the king, and becomes king herself (Queen? Who knows what these strangers in a strange land call their leader).
Anyway, seems that the lady Asher tried to pickpocket is the new Queen’s special ladyfriend. If it hadn’t been for me and my quick thinking, who knows how much trouble we would have been in. Once again, this group sure is lucky to have me as their leader.
Immediately after the new Queen is crowned, there is some kind of commotion at the city gates. And it’s giants! No, not just giants to me, but for real forest giants with trees as clubs and like 40 hands high with deep, rumbly voices, tearing down the wall and tossing boulders like pebbles. Apparently, one of them is in love with the old king’s sister or daughter or some relation.

Once again, it is up to us to save this city from total destruction. And once again, we use our wits rather than shiny weapons, because … FOREST GIANTS. Seriously, you didn’t expect us to fight them, did you? Be serious.

We manage to negotiate the release of the King’s kin, much to the mutual excitement of both her and the giant. May they live happily ever after.

That’s where the adventure ends. Or rather, never really began. Whatever. A leader who leads without spilling blood, and saves a town, is surely one to be reckoned with. Whatever comes our way next, I have the feeling that someone will need saving. Leadership can be a heavy mantle to wear, but I bear it well.

Hallgrimur's Rimur

Blood feuds, clan feuds. I’m well versed in these battles, these conflicts of blood and history and anger and vengeance. My family has been on the winning side of several, though not always the right side. I understood this Johnstone fellow, busting into our tavern (yes, our tavern – regardless of the cool reception the locals gave myself, Asher, and these 4 other odd types, any tavern I drink in is my tavern) recruiting strength, aid in his clan affair. Still, who was in the right in his conflict – his family, losing an uncle to an abrupt hanging, or this other family, the family of Mehall, and whatever may have led to this conflict?
This Talius is a talker. He smartly carries his magic components, easily accessible on his person and armor. To his credit, his talking averted unnecessary bloodshed that night, cooling this Johnstone fellow and allowing us to rally the local lord, Elliot. Mighty fine great sword he has; his belt and armor brim with power as well. An angry fellow, but focused on law, order, peace. We accompanied him to the family of Mehall’s fortified home, headed off the violence for the night, took Mehall into custody and prepared to accompany Elliot in taking Mehall to King Henry’s court for a trial.
Elliot gave us food and shelter for the evening. Asher, the little one and I took the opportunity to speak with the jailed Mehall. I wanted to hear his side of the story, what injustices his family has suffered, what principles they are upholding. He seems a worm. No principle. Just vengeance. Small-minded clan conflict. Asher and the little one, I’m not sure what they were looking for with Mehall, but he deserves to face justice. We joined Elliot the next day in taking Mehall to the city for trial.
Elliot regaled us about this Champions’ Tournament on the uneventful road, the bloodless (or at least blood-minimizing) tradition for challenging the king. Many challengers – 14 – fell to the newly-returned King’s Champion, a powerful woman wielding a great sword in gleaming white plate. Graceful, powerful, lithe. Her last challenger, in a weapon-less and armor-less duel, she had trouble with, eventually getting pinned before a sudden surge of strength – perhaps a spell or charm? – leapt forth from her and she crushingly dispatched her foe, leaving his manhood shattered. Her partner – an attractive green-eyed brunette we met at the bar – may have played a role – was that a spell she cast from the stands, or just a prayer to her Gods?
A victory for King Henry, until this Champion turned her sword to challenge him. Henry; he’s limp. Soft, weak, no fight. Raised his pathetic blade for a moment before succumbing to his own vapors.
A new King for this land. Not what I expected when I came here. Still, we have already had an audience with her, thanks to the knocking of a pair of giants bashing through the city wall the very next morning. Our poet, Luther, calmed the giants, pausing what would have been great destruction, perhaps a great, bloody battle filled with the screams of the terrified, the clash of brutish giant swords smashing through puny town guardsmen, the crackle of my beasts winking forth to grapple these mighty giants, the yells and orders of the brave, the… but I forget myself. Poet Luther calmed them, allowed us time to seek an audience with the new King, release their kin Ian Moore, Jr. and his betrothed, Henry’s sister. A modest wedding, poorly performed by they sycophantic King’s advisor. But a wedding nonetheless.
We’ve returned to World’s End for the evening, and will see where the winds blow tomorrow.

Asher's Journal: Help me I am in hell
Eff all this

All I wanted was a beer. Sure, maybe it was beer that caused problems in the first place, but Hal got me all fixed up and the seas were lookin’ mighty plum for sailin’. New city, new purses, new people who didn’t know my face. And then four travelers come sniffin’ around. me and Hal’s table.

They seem alright. Talked the feathered fellow into buying me and Hal a beer, the tree lady’s bird seems well behaved, I’m not sure what to make of the dark elf and I’m less sure about the gnome. He seems to know how to cut a purse but never bothers to do it. All very confusing.

Regardless, I don’t get past the head on my beer before the door gets booted in and a band of wannabe shit-kickers start hollering about a clan war of some kind. Someone just got hung for stealin’ a horse, and everyone in our party thinks getting involved makes sense. I agree stealin’ shouldn’t REALLY be a crime, but it ain’t like us chargin’ in is gonna un-hang this feller they’re worried about. Pretty sure that ship left port already.

But, my new party seems to want to butt in despite no explicit contract of reward in place so off we go! These guys wouldn’t make it as a privateer — much less a pirate — that much is for damned sure.

At any rate, we made our way to Elliot’s place. He’s some sort of local lord I guess, and had quite the sword. There weren’t nothin’ to steal though, and once the “Johnstones” and the “Creightons” saw that big-papa-Elliot didn’t care for their clan war they all lost their hard-ons and gave up. These two bunches are ripe for the pickin’, next time we make our way back into town, that’s for damned sure.

Elliot DID promise gold for our involvement though, so we escorted him to the city to drop Creighton off in jail. Big deal, that. Half thought about breaking him out, just for fun, but remembered that he hung a thief just for bein’ a thief, so I decided it’d be better for this Creighton fellow to get the shitty end of the stick for now. T’il he comes up with some gold, anyhow.

Once we arrived, Elliot gave us some buggerin-off money and we did just that. We found a tavern where I bungled a purse cut, got rejected at the bookie and had no sex whatsoever, so all in all this city is showing loads of promise. The gnome even interfered before I could mix it up in the tavern. These folks have a sea-turtle’s sense of adventure. Slow and steady, hide when things get tough. I see calm, profitless waters ahead. Gotta be a life raft around here somewhere…

There was some big tournament to decide who gets to be king, and I guess the people got who they wanted because they all seemed very excited, and I learned that the lady whose purse I failed to cut aint a lover of the men-folk herself. Guess I wouldn’t have had any more luck talking her out of her dress than I did her purse. Again, nothing but fun to be had in this town.

Thankfully it’s not all diplomacy and meandering. A couple giants showed up, and it didn’t look like we were going to intimidate them into anything so we busted out one of the giant’s lady-friends at set her off for what I’m sure will be an uncomfortable honeymoon. Lucky couple, them.

Still not sure what I think of this new crew, besides Hal, but tree lady saved me from a horse, the bards saved us from some giants and the gnome saved me from myself, so until I find a better contract this may be the right ship for me. For now.

But I AM going to stab something soon, that much is for sure.

Brieza's Log - DRAFT
these are just notes, don't read this

Area: Liddisdale
Leader: Lord Elliott
Cool and Rainy night, stop in a tavern after heading north from Cameran for Thorfinn
In a bar with Luther, Squeak and Talius, ordered beer and sit at large table. Enter Hal and Asher who order beer and sit at our table. Talius drums up conversation with them, Asher seems dandy and a bit of a hot head, Hal is quiet and mysterious, possibly Arcana? Luther sings his tale from our adventure from Cameran and the Island.
Squeak does some eavesdropping and learned that one of the Johnstones was hanged by the Kritens for stealing horses?
Large man (Willie Johnstone) and 7 of his men kick down door and climbs a table and does a speech about his murdered cousin and wants us to help kill the Kritens for the injustice.
Wee Big Angus’s Croft? No idea what he’s talking about, but we are going to go to Lord Elliott to talk to him about the clan war.
Traveling down path through forest, seems mostly maintained and not terribly spooky.
Get to Lord’s house, he’s short, but looks good in his armor, has a fumbling servant, and a few men who look… ok. Apparently there are others
He assigns us all some horses and gives me a good looking horse with some fire. Apparently Asher is terrified of Horses, I talk to the horse and get it to work with us, it thinks Asher is sick and is worried about him.
We arrives at Kriten houses and they are surprised to see Elliott who is gesticulating wildly and yelling/demanding to know where Mihal is? Johnstone and his men come charging in.
Mihal agrees to be jailed and judged by trail for hanging someone unlawfully.
Asher, Squeak and Hal go to the dungeon to talk to Mihal, it was uneventful.
Next day we travel to the tournament, spend way too much money on food and room.
Next morning we wake early and there appears to be a royal champion to fight King Henri… the she is masterful.
She comes in the tavern next morning without armor, she is tall (5.10) and has short blonde hair.
At the battle ground, Champion is there and Kremil enters – 6.5 ft tall & muscly
Champion defeats Kremil, and then kills ______ effectively becoming King.
In the wee hours of the morning there is loud banging sound, we investigate and find some forest giants who want to save their brother/cousin who was imprisoned for falling in love with the King’s sister.
We have 2 hours to free him from jail.
We get into the castle and there is chaos, after intimidating a small child, we head up the stairs to the new King.
The new King allows us to free Young Ian and we get his giant sword (took 3 people to carry it – me, Talius and Asher).
To be a Giant wedding between Young Ian and Deliah the former king’s sister. We have 2 hours to get Deliah, who is locked in a tower.
We find Jenkins and ask him to help us with Deliah. Apparently it would be a major political incident for Deliah to marry a Giant, but he brings us to the tower
Jenkins marries the two and the Giants kinda-sorta fix the wall.

Squeak Squawk: Home Sweet Home
Demons can SUCK IT

Demons suck. All they do is cause trouble, and then we have to go and slay them and it’s messy, but slay them we did. Or at least one. Seems that Jacob, leader of the slave rebellion, was a friggin demon! And he was the one controlling the winds so that we couldn’t leave that gods-forsaken place. But I get ahead of myself.

When we came out of the mines, there was chaos. the slaves had begun their rebellion, which I was clearly in favor of. After convincing my team that I was correct in this view, I led them up to the castle to confront Lord Thomas. Because we thought he was the demon. But no such luck – Luther or someone managed to read his aura, which was nasty as a goblin’s backside, but not demonic.

While we were out walking and deciding what to do, we ran into our old friend, the jailor. He was not happy to see me, which is totally not my fault! If he didn’t want people to break in and out of his jail, he should work harder on getting better locks. His were so bad that he was almost inviting them to be picked. In fact, I did a public service by proving how easy it was! he should have been thanking me! But instead, he tried to kill me. But one too many nights drinking grog (or whatever swill they have in this gods-forsaken place) caught up with him, as my team managed to kill him and his cronies. Brieza decided to take the keys from the jailor. Knowing that they would be better off in my capable hands (and knowing that she probably meant to give them to me but forgot), I just took them from her as we walked. For the good of us all.

Anyway, back to the fun. While Lord Thomas was not a demon, he was an awful human being, so we decided that the world would be better off without him and his ilk. So we went straight to his pathetic throneroom and went to town on him. I slyly locked the door before we started fighting (because at least ONE member of this rag-tag group should think ahead) which prevented Lord Thomas from escaping. The fight was pathetic. But I did manage to swipe a few ornate goblets from the room before we left – payment for the trouble of not dying easier. We also freed his brother from prison, and his brother was not a bad guy. In fact, he helped us slay the demon.

At the bottom of the hill, we encountered Jacob. Lord Thomas’s brother helped us fight him, and we slayed his demon ass. Once he died, the storms lifted. Before we left, we made sure that there would be no more slavery, because slavery sucks harder than demons. Well, maybe not harder, but at least as hard.

Then we could finally set sail homeward. Lord Thomas’s brother bid us farewell with gifts. I received a Wand of Greater Animal Aspect, which is not a bad little toy. But on the way home, the more I thought, the more I wanted to just sell it.

When we made our triumphant return, there must have been a miscommunication because there were no banners, no parades, and no free rounds of mead. Not classy at all. But we met with the King of Cameran, who was not overjoyed that we returned alone, but when we gave him our story, he was happy enough and bestowed us with gobs of gold.

Thorfinn threw a fit the next day because his druid pals were all up in arms about some political nonsense. But knowing that they would need my help and leadership, I swiftly volunteered to lead the mission to get him home safely. We spent a day shopping for gear, and I sold the wand and picked up a few odds and ends that might come in handy as we travel.

I also went and bought a riding dog, so travel in a little better style. Her name is Lilth-bel, which is Hafling for Midnight. Her coat is pitch black, with only the faintest white on her paws. She may not be the brightest dog, but she is insanely loyal to me. She only obeys commands in my native tongue, and she is even trained to fight! I rode her into battle against some ogres on the trip with Thorfinn and we saved the day (naturally). But I get ahead of myself.

We decided to stay one more night in town, so I went down to the poorer neighborhood and walked around a bit. I was generous with the reward we had received, and helped out several families who were in dire straights. I also passed out food, candy, and some coin to some of the children begging on the streets. If we had had more time, I would have done more, but duty called.

We made our way north with Thorfinn, our doggies becoming fast friends. We also picked up a few other folks who saw my leadership abilities and decided to travel with us. More on them in a later entry.

The journey north had its fair share of battles, but the ogres I discussed earlier were a highlight. And we killed a dragon, but a small one. I kept a tooth, because a dragon’s tooth is a dragon’s tooth, and it’s pretty cool.

Thorfinn bid us farewell, and we retired to The Black Sheep for some much-deserved drinks and a solid night sleep. Tomorrow, I am sure I will find another place to lead my companions.

Squeak Sqwak: Fuzzy Memories
Where are we again?

Wow, last night was a rough night. I had meant to write in my journal about our adventures, but I was exhausted and fell into a deep, deep slumber. While it may have only been one night, it feels like I was asleep for months, perhaps years. I looked in the mirror this morning, and I look the same. But it is quite an odd sensation, and has left my memory fuzzy at best. This is bad news – the gods know that my party needs me at my best.

I know that there are demons around, and I recall a battle with one or more of them. We got the lord’s paladin to help us out, but the details of the battles are escaping me.

Oh yeah, there is still the forest witch-demon out there too. I wonder what happened to her? She gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I have a feeling that she still has an important role to play if we are to get off this island. Wait, is this even an island. Who knows anymore.

We have to save the slaves, because its terrible the way they are treated, and we need to make sure those kids have a shot at a better life. Have we saved them yet? Did they rebel? There are bits and pieces coming back. If they did rebel, then we need to help them.

Maybe someone put a spell on me and robbed me of my memories. Maybe this is that druid’s revenge for me always measuring his pup for a saddle. If so, he should expect a little ‘morning water’ in his next bowl of porridge.

This place is strange, and time moves strangely here. As great as it is to lead this party, I hope we can leave soon. I like adventuring and all, but this place is crazier than a drunk kobold dancing in a tavern.

Knolls, knolls, everywhere knolls
a sloppy draft made of bad notes

The plan was to send Adisla to check out the jail house while the rest of us went to speak with Lord Thomas. Upon exiting our commandeered camp house we heard some loud noises coming from the beach. Abandoning all of our strategizing, we rushed towards the sound only to find 8 mastiffs fighting with 3 guards. I was sure we left the witch queen with a promise that she would not penetrate the city… unsure of what provoked the fight we assisted the soldiers. Squeak proved himself to be the VIP of this particular battle and once defeated I skinned quartered the mastiff’s for food and sold the skins for 10 coin. Adisla insisted on taking the teeth, which I thought was odd. We all went back to the camp where I made some hot pockets for the team to eat and we all slept. In the morning Adisla had made me a bone teeth bracelet. Gross.

Sir Gregor met us on the beach shortly thereafter. Adisla kept shouting at him that he was going to die. It was all rather creepy. We agreed that we needed to head to the jail to investigate the things we had heard. Luther managed to charm the idiot Jail Keep, Shirron and Adisla Hypnotized the guard. Everything was going well until we started descending. Knolls, knolls, everywhere knolls. Each floor held a coup and at the bottom we also found a very large mastiff and then a large knoll who gruffly identified himself as the captain of the witch’s guard. We also found Landry, Lord Thomas’s brother.

We released the Knoll Captain and his mastiff, though our efforts to persuade him to head directly to the woods without injuring the townsfolk went unheeded. We hid the withered Landry in Luther’s cape and brought him directly to Jared.

Back on the beach we joined back up with Sir Gregor to head into the quarry, despite Adisla’s return to shouting “you’re gonna die”. We made our way deeper into the ground than before and through the final door where we met with a great Bao Bao and had an amazing battle.

waters getting rough
a bardy contribution to the tune of gilligans island

Just sit right back
And I’ll spin a tale
A tale of my fateful trip,
That started from port Cameron,
Aboard my Viking ship.
Her sail was a brightly rigg-ed sheet,
Her skull was wide of birth,
She’d travel far beyond her reach and give all she’s worth
An’ give all she’s worth

The weather started getting rough,
My tiny ship was tossed.
If my bearings back didn’t come back to me,
I surely would be lost.
I surely would be lost.

I washed a ground on the shore
Of this demonically possessed isle
Threw my lot in
With a crew
And his wolf,
Lady Brieza,
Luther Ellen Hill-e-brand
An’ Squeak the Halfling dwarf

(Ending verse)

So this is the tale of our journey here,
Down in this deep dark mine.
We’d have to go down one by one,
It’s a down-hill climb.
Divided up the watch that night
We set to take a rest,
Breiza made some food for us
Down in the demons nest

No sound, no lights, no warning or
Not a single thing to see
Then ‘fore you could blink your eyes
t’was as stinky as can be.

So Breiza took up her sword and
Thorafin doubled his wolf
The demons surely stood no chance
Team works all it took!

Adisla Gunna


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