Halfling Thief


Typical neutral good Halfling thief, except very emaciated and has a harsh tongue when hungry.


When his parent’s died in a fire, little Squeak was only 4 years old. After surviving on the streets for a few months by begging, he was taken in by a local street gang. Bullied, beaten, and regularly humiliated because of his small size, he was quickly given the nickname “Squeak,” for being both very small, and for the sound he made when being pummeled by older members of the gang. Deprived of food for too long has had a lasting effect on Squeak, and now he never passes up the opportunity for good food, but has the dogged determination to be able to go long periods on very little sustenance.

It was the gang that taught Squeak how to thieve, pick locks, detect traps, and become a daring acrobat. He learned to sneak around, always conceal his weapons, and ply strangers with whatever lies needed to be told to squeeze out an extra copper.

Despite, or possibly because of, his upbringing, Squeak has a soft spot in his heart for street urchins and the very poor. While he has no problem lightening the purses of the well-to-do, he often redistributes some of that wealth to poor children and families, often without anyone knowing.

He rationalizes his thieving in a variety of creative ways, truly believing that many of his ‘victims’ would be happy to help him with food, trinkets, or extra coin. He thieves to survive, and honestly believes that everyone would want him to survive, so there is not really anything wrong with what he is doing. In fact, he is sometimes helping people he knows would like to help him, by bypassing asking for coin and just helping himself. And besides, he does give some to the poorest of the poor, so how wrong can it be?


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