Human swashbuckler with a touch of the n'er do-well


He’s the heir to a modest lordship but never felt totally comfortable with the lifestyle or the ethically dubious acts that were required to hold power. But ethics aside, he always romanticized the life of a pirate, floating at sea, free to do as he pleases, having adventures and the like. So off he went, buying his way onto the ship of a moderately well-known pirate captain.

For a time it went fine (if a bit more rustic than he envisioned), but the captain was too friendly for his crew’s liking and they mutinied over lack of plunder and women. The mutineers didn’t care much for the little lordling who never pulled his weight but had the Captain’s favor, so they turned on him as well. Asher escaped (quite the swimmer is he) and made his way to shore. He can’t go home or he’ll be marked a traitor (he did, after all, plunder ships loyal to the king his family serves), but he doesnt have the coin anymore to get back on a ship either (and at least one new captain out there wants him dead), so basically he’s on the run and all alone.

He’s part n’er-do-well, part do-gooder (when the mood strikes), and all narcissist, mostly living in his own head. But here he comes upon a town that looks like it might treat him well for the little gold he still carries and offer even more that he can steal right back. That’s a good enough place for now to drink one’s self stupid, and that’s pretty much his goal until he figures out what the next move is.


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