Jon's Campaign

Squeak Sqwak: Fuzzy Memories

Where are we again?

Wow, last night was a rough night. I had meant to write in my journal about our adventures, but I was exhausted and fell into a deep, deep slumber. While it may have only been one night, it feels like I was asleep for months, perhaps years. I looked in the mirror this morning, and I look the same. But it is quite an odd sensation, and has left my memory fuzzy at best. This is bad news – the gods know that my party needs me at my best.

I know that there are demons around, and I recall a battle with one or more of them. We got the lord’s paladin to help us out, but the details of the battles are escaping me.

Oh yeah, there is still the forest witch-demon out there too. I wonder what happened to her? She gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I have a feeling that she still has an important role to play if we are to get off this island. Wait, is this even an island. Who knows anymore.

We have to save the slaves, because its terrible the way they are treated, and we need to make sure those kids have a shot at a better life. Have we saved them yet? Did they rebel? There are bits and pieces coming back. If they did rebel, then we need to help them.

Maybe someone put a spell on me and robbed me of my memories. Maybe this is that druid’s revenge for me always measuring his pup for a saddle. If so, he should expect a little ‘morning water’ in his next bowl of porridge.

This place is strange, and time moves strangely here. As great as it is to lead this party, I hope we can leave soon. I like adventuring and all, but this place is crazier than a drunk kobold dancing in a tavern.



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