Jon's Campaign

Knolls, knolls, everywhere knolls

a sloppy draft made of bad notes

The plan was to send Adisla to check out the jail house while the rest of us went to speak with Lord Thomas. Upon exiting our commandeered camp house we heard some loud noises coming from the beach. Abandoning all of our strategizing, we rushed towards the sound only to find 8 mastiffs fighting with 3 guards. I was sure we left the witch queen with a promise that she would not penetrate the city… unsure of what provoked the fight we assisted the soldiers. Squeak proved himself to be the VIP of this particular battle and once defeated I skinned quartered the mastiff’s for food and sold the skins for 10 coin. Adisla insisted on taking the teeth, which I thought was odd. We all went back to the camp where I made some hot pockets for the team to eat and we all slept. In the morning Adisla had made me a bone teeth bracelet. Gross.

Sir Gregor met us on the beach shortly thereafter. Adisla kept shouting at him that he was going to die. It was all rather creepy. We agreed that we needed to head to the jail to investigate the things we had heard. Luther managed to charm the idiot Jail Keep, Shirron and Adisla Hypnotized the guard. Everything was going well until we started descending. Knolls, knolls, everywhere knolls. Each floor held a coup and at the bottom we also found a very large mastiff and then a large knoll who gruffly identified himself as the captain of the witch’s guard. We also found Landry, Lord Thomas’s brother.

We released the Knoll Captain and his mastiff, though our efforts to persuade him to head directly to the woods without injuring the townsfolk went unheeded. We hid the withered Landry in Luther’s cape and brought him directly to Jared.

Back on the beach we joined back up with Sir Gregor to head into the quarry, despite Adisla’s return to shouting “you’re gonna die”. We made our way deeper into the ground than before and through the final door where we met with a great Bao Bao and had an amazing battle.



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