Jon's Campaign

Brieza's Log - day 2

in which stuff happened.

This shady Jenkins guy asked us to meet him at the castle, but since we have nothing better to do we collectively shrugged and made our way there. In office see a man dressed for hiking and a large bear. I’m not sure about my companions, but I find this unnerving. I;m accustomed to finding the occasional bear in the forest, but never inside a building. Jenkins seems simultaneously nervous and casual about the situation so we cautiously move forward.

We are presented with a vague employment offer. There are communications telling of a rash of disappearances of travelers and merchant caravans on the way to the castle. There is no sign of the missing travelers. He wants us to investigate, but warns that the area is dangerous, claiming rumors of woods ghosts, monsters, “bug-a-boos”. This guy is a complete doofus. At least he provided us with a caravan. Talius and I went to buy some horses, I found a pretty female combat horse with which I am sure I will become fast friends. I have named her Feir.

A few of us used our knowledge of the woods to investigate the ground and noticed that there are parts that look too “neat”, wheel tracks would end suddenly and then start again. We could also see that a little ahead of us off to our left there appears to be an area with less trees and it looked like there may have been a polished path there that has worn away, which appeared to lead towards the temple.

Not one to bound blindly into things, I sent Hiril up to check on things, after 15 minutes or so she returns and reports that she saw no large animals or people but did see a “stone nest” and some patterned trees.

We decide to investigate the ornate building, which must be the temple. I faintly hear the sound of running water. Luther and Hal enter building first due to their ability to work in the dark and once things were announced to be clear the rest of us joined along. The temple appeared to be some sort of religious place but of what denomination I know not.

Sevaain (the guy with the bear) seemed more in tune with the sort of religious icons and noticed some misplaced holy symbols. Squeak messed around with it looking for traps or devices, and we heard some brief grinding below us, coming from under a pile of rubble. After spending an awful lot of time looking around we were unable to find any way of accessing an entrance to the rooms below.

Sevain talks to a rabbit and asks it if saw any other creatures like us, but that they move east.

We head east to what appears to be a very planned clearing.

Asher annoyingly yells into the clearing and after about 20 seconds we hear we howling sounds and 3 fairly dirty and ragged human appearing creatures coming at us and another 3 coming from around the tree wall. They do not appear friendly. As we get closer they appear to be … children? Dirty, ragged, frightening children. I am uneasy fighting them but am fearing for our groups’ safety.

At some point during the fight, Sevain turned into a fucking huge bear. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, but it sure was effective. He manages to take at least 3 down. The group fought magnificently and Asher managed to capture one as hostage.
We attempted to interrogate the captive, but he was aggressive and said little more than “our forest” and “more than you”, fairly illegible, especially combined with these tremors he has.

Asher then shoved some sort of potion down his throat and makes him fall in love with me (I will remember this)! This kid is disgusting, but we learn his name is Kevin, that his people live in a cave in the forest, that “Grandpa Soney” is the leader, and according to him “they will find us”. He makes gross sexual advances and I throw him up on the horse.
I asked Kevin if his friends have been attacking the caravan and he replied “not friends, family, we need to eat”

We reason that this kid and his family eating people and he has some palsy symptoms as a result. Gross.

We cross a river and are mildly ambushed on the other side after Kevin does some bird call thingie. we should have drowned him in the river. We defeat the crazy people eating family members and decide to call it a day.



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